Suitsupply's "The Configurator" is an online tool that allows customers to customize and personalize their suits, shirts, and other clothing items to a high degree of detail. It's a feature on the Suitsupply website that enhances the online shopping experience, enabling customers to create made-to-measure or bespoke clothing items that suit their specific preferences and body measurements.

Owning Made-to-Measure Tailoring program

Winning exclusive Made-To-Measure experiences with scalable and sustainable design solutions at Suitsupply

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Existing Made-To-Measure program could be used only in retail stores, not integrated with online stores. Even, the program was outsourced with cost of €100k+ per year, making it impossible to customise and expand further.


I developed Made-To-Measure program designed for both retail & online stores with insourcing. The design system is introduced to make it scalable and sustainable for expansion, leading to further improvement of the program.


  • Category Expansion to 10 items
  • 300% Revenue Growth per quarter (Online 27%(€11m))
  • 50% Decreased Exit Rate in the funnel
A user journey map, often referred to as a customer journey map, is a visual representation or diagram that illustrates the steps and interactions a user or customer goes through when engaging with a product, service, or organization.

UX Insights to discover

To understand our users and set clear objectives, visiting retail stores is crucial. I translate valuable UX insights into visual formats like personas, journey maps, and user flows.

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A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a controlled experiment used in marketing, web design, and product development to assess and compare the performance of two or more variations of a digital element, such as a web page, email, advertisement, or user interface.

Define with co-creation and verification

To design a north star concept, I lead co-creation sessions with engineers and stakeholders. I conduct verification exercises like user testing and A/B testing to gather MVP insights.

A design system is a comprehensive collection of design guidelines, principles, assets, and reusable components that work together to ensure consistency, efficiency, and a cohesive user experience in the design and development of digital products and applications. Design systems are used in fields such as user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, web development, and app design. Here's an explanation of the key components and purposes of a design system

Designing scalable solutions

With a focus on sustainability and scalability as key design principles, we accelerate our operations. The adoption of a design system based on atomic design enables our team to achieve MVP milestones in rapid sprints.

Suit retail eCommerce refers to the online sales and distribution of suits and related men's formal wear through e-commerce platforms. This type of online business provides customers with the convenience of shopping for suits, blazers, trousers, shirts, accessories, and other formal attire from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Product Expansion Triumph

Within a year of operation and validation, the product category expands to 10 items, leading to a remarkable revenue growth rate of three times per quarter. The online revenue constitutes a significant portion, accounting for 27% (€11m) of the total Made-to-measure service revenue.

FullStory is a customer experience analytics platform and a digital intelligence tool that helps businesses gain deep insights into user interactions on their websites and mobile applications. It allows companies to track and analyze user behavior, including how visitors interact with their digital interfaces.

Validation for improvement

I leverage Fullstory, Google Analytics, and Metabase for quantitative data analysis to further improve the program. Additionally, I conduct both moderate and unmoderated user testing, supplemented with Intercom user chat reviewing, to gather valuable data insights that drive our progress.

A fabric sample is a small piece or swatch of fabric that is representative of a larger piece of fabric or textile material. Fabric samples are commonly used in various industries, including fashion, interior design, manufacturing, and retail. Here's an explanation of fabric samples and their purposes

Design solution for fabric decision

To address the challenge of varying screen resolutions and alleviate user confusion in making fabric decisions, we offer three effective solutions. These include fabric sample delivery, a fabric image zoom feature, and comprehensive fabric information.

Suitsupply is known for its innovative approach to tailoring and customer service, so it's possible that a "size passport" could be a tool or service related to sizing and tailoring for their products.

Design solution for Online Size selection

With a staggering 34% of users dropping off during the style and size selection process in the funnel steps, we recognise a significant loss point. However, we also identify a promising opportunity. Introducing the Size Passport experience enables users to bypass all tedious steps, presenting a streamlined solution.

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Suit eCommerce, also known as online suit retail, refers to the sale and distribution of suits, tuxedos, formalwear, and related men's clothing and accessories through digital platforms. This business model allows customers to shop for suits and formal attire online, providing convenience and a wide range of options.

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