Suitsupply's eCommerce refers to its online retail platform and operations. It is the digital arm of Suitsupply, allowing customers to browse, select, and purchase clothing and accessories from the brand's extensive collection through their website or mobile app.

Crafting an Ultimate Web Experience

Creating a user-centric design that enables individuals to effortlessly explore and acquire the clothes they desire, through a website experience customized to their distinct preferences and requirements.

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"Slick" ecommerce design refers to a specific style and approach in the design and user experience of an online retail or e-commerce website. This design style is characterized by its modern, polished, and visually appealing aesthetic, often aimed at creating a seamless and engaging shopping experience.

01. Visualize Your Perfect Look

I created the 'Look Builder' tool to enhance online shopping by assisting users in visualizing complete ensembles and coordinating colors across various skin tones and existing wardrobes, so that they can reduce cognitive effort.

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Customers can choose from a range of clothing items, including suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, and accessories. The available options may vary depending on the specific collection or season.

02. No More Hassle, Easy Sizing

I devised a solution to streamline suit sizing by correlating them with T-shirt size letters. This allows customers to easily identify their ideal fit based on their height and T-shirt size.

A summer campaign shoot for suits involves a photoshoot or marketing campaign designed to promote and showcase suits that are suitable for warm-weather, summer occasions. The goal of such a campaign is to capture the essence of summer while highlighting the versatility and style of suits that are appropriate for the season

03. Effortless Login with Magic

By implementing the Magic Link Login feature, users can effortlessly bypass checkout obstacles and securely log in with a single click. This approach effectively reduces the login process deviation rate for returning customers.

A store booking tool is a software application or service that allows customers to schedule appointments, reservations, or bookings at physical retail stores or businesses. This tool is commonly used in various industries, including retail, healthcare, beauty, and more. It provides a way for customers to plan their visits and ensures that the store can manage its customer flow efficiently.

04. Personalized Booking

Embracing the human touch, I introduced an online booking & coaching tool to facilitate scheduling an appointment with perfect advisors for each customer.

A good design system is a well-structured and comprehensive collection of design guidelines, principles, assets, and reusable components that work together to ensure consistency, efficiency, and a cohesive user experience in the design and development of digital products and applications.

05.Empowering Design System

With a total of 8 scrum teams, each dedicated to a specific purpose, maintaining consistency and reusability became a priority. To address this, I designed 24 foundations, 86 components, and 14 master pages. This strategic approach has resulted in increased speed, suitability, and sustainability for our projects.

A closet configurator is a digital tool or software application that allows users to design, customize, and organize their closets or wardrobe spaces. It provides a virtual platform for planning and optimizing closet storage, helping users create a functional and organized space for their clothing and accessories.

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