A closet configurator is a digital tool or software application that allows individuals to design and customize their own closets or storage spaces. It's particularly popular in the interior design and home organization industries.

Co-founding Startup featuring High-End Closet Configurator

Functioning as a designer for the exceptional configurator, a business analyst for long-term strategy, and a marketer for sales on e-commerce.

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Due to the diverse layouts of Dutch houses, complete customization is necessary to meet customer demands for reasonably priced, middle-range solutions. Further, existing closet configurators are overly complex, technical, and overloaded with information.


Based on an extensive study of the local market and user preferences, I developed a mobile-first configurator that enables users to easily create their own custom designs in reasonable prices. This user-friendly approach fosters high engagement and drives significant sales growth.


  • Raising Series A investment (€4M)
  • Scaling up company size (x10)
  • And many more but i can not share it all
A closet configurator is a software tool or application, often used in the context of custom closet design and organization, that allows users to plan and design their own closet space based on their specific needs and preferences. It is a valuable tool for individuals looking to create a personalized and efficient storage solution for their clothing, accessories, and other items. 
Design research, also known as user research or UX research, is a systematic and multidisciplinary approach to understanding user needs, behaviors, and preferences to inform the design and development of products, services, or experiences. It plays a critical role in creating user-centered and effective solutions.

Unlocking Market Potential

I strategically defined the business direction by conducting market research, analyzing competitors, creating target personas, mapping customer journeys, and formulating a UX strategy.

Mobile-first design is a design approach that prioritizes designing and developing the mobile version of a website or application before focusing on the desktop version. This strategy recognizes the growing importance of mobile devices in web usage and aims to create user experiences that are optimized for smaller screens and touch interactions.
A design system is a structured collection of design guidelines, assets, and reusable components that serve as a foundation for creating consistent, cohesive, and user-friendly experiences across various digital products and platforms. It is an essential resource for design and development teams, helping them maintain visual and functional consistency while streamlining the design and development process

Innovation with Sustainable Solutions

Regardless of the company or team size, it is crucial to prioritize the development of sustainable design solutions to scale up business in a long term. By establishing a robust design system, organizations enable their teams to adapt more easily to minor misunderstandings and iterative changes in the later stages of a project.

Stripe is a popular online payment processing platform that provides solutions for e-commerce businesses to accept payments on their websites or mobile apps. The "checkout for Stripe" solution typically refers to the integration of Stripe's payment processing system into an e-commerce website's checkout process.

Balancing Ideal & Reality

Developing our own payment system from scratch requires a significant investment of time and effort. In order to expedite the release of our product, we have opted to utilize a customized branding solution provided by Stripe for payments. While using existing solutions for efficiency, I consistently strive to identify and optimize solutions that align with our unique business objectives.

A "beautiful closet image in a room" typically refers to a photograph or visual representation of an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed closet or wardrobe situated within a room. This image showcases the combination of functional storage and stylish design within a living space.

Radically personal

I come up with an idea of a store booking tool which can redirect online users to physical stores, presenting an opportunity to engage with customers and gain valuable insights about their preferences and needs in the store.

A design dashboard, often referred to as a "dashboard design" or "UI dashboard," is a user interface (UI) element or a standalone interface that provides users with a visual overview of key information, data, or metrics in a concise and easily digestible format. Dashboards are widely used in various applications, including business intelligence tools, data analytics platforms, project management software, and more.

Beyond Beautiful Pixels

Creating visually appealing pixels alone does not guarantee substantial profits or serve business objectives. Likewise, effective UX design is driven by data. By leveraging data, companies can uncover insights that guide their future direction. Offering data visualization solutions can help mitigate potential business risks and enable informed decision-making.

Powering Growth

Given that the brand is newly launched, our primary focus for Q1 and Q2 after the release is user acquisition. To achieve this goal, I have developed several strategies including SEO page optimization, social media planning, and email marketing campaigns. These initiatives are aimed at driving traffic and ensuring the growth and progression of our business.

A suit configurator is a digital tool or software application that allows customers to personalize and customize their suits and other formal wear, often in an online retail or e-commerce setting. It offers a unique and tailored shopping experience, allowing customers to design and order made-to-measure or bespoke suits that fit their specific preferences and measurements.

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